I am a nutrition counselor, board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I am also a health educator, home chef, traveler, perpetual student of life—and a bit of a troublemaker on the side.

I provide holistic, science-based, individualized health counseling to people who want to release their unhealthy habits and lead freer, calmer, more joyful lives.

When you work with me, we will start by addressing your top health concerns right away: extra pounds, low energy, heartburn, trouble sleeping, acne, mood swings, digestive issues, athletic performance, or anything else.

First I'll help you ditch your worst health habits—like overeating, over-snacking, caffeine addiction, and the afternoon sugar fix—so you'll notice improvements very soon.

But we'll also start working on a long-term plan for you right from the start: a sane, sustainable routine that will replace those old habits with new ones that truly nourish you. 

You'll be learning at your own pace and applying your new truths to your own daily life by making simple, gradual changes that you understand and can feel the benefits of.

In time, you will begin to enjoy a feeling of increased freedom and independence around your health as your self-care transformation takes shape. This new way of being will be real and lasting, because YOU—not a diet, meal plan, or guru—will be in charge.

Keep reading below for more about my credentials and my own path to better health, or go to the WORK WITH ME page to see more about the programs I offer.

My shadowy past

I wish it were a simple story. And in a way, it is.

I did go from living unwell—crashing on fad diets, addicted to coffee and sugar, working out compulsively, going out compulsively, feeling restless, not liking my body, being unhappy in my relationships, unable to balance the stress of city living with supportive self-care—

to feeling better, looking better, and honestly enjoying my life instead of just recovering from one day to the next,

to waking up feeling clear-headed, to laughing more, to not having that 4:00 pm crash.

But—it didn’t happen overnight.

Awakening to health

We’ve all felt overwhelmed by the prospect of making positive changes in our lives. We’ve thought it would require too much hard work or crazy willpower, that it would interrupt our social life or we wouldn’t be any fun anymore.

I certainly did.

But, I was able to nurture myself into better health gradually, gently, and sustainably.

My life still isn’t perfect (and it will never be!), but since I’ve created simple routines that let me feel balanced and nourished, I do often pinch myself and say, “I can’t believe this is my life!”

I created my own true health from a few simple essentials that work for me.

And I can show you how to do it for yourself, too.

Digging deep with education

There were years of my life in which I didn’t remember my dreams—sleeping dreams or waking ambitions. I thought I was a passionless person.

But as I began to awaken my health with small steps, I noticed another change happening at the same time: I started to feel excited.

Excited about cooking and eating well, excited about enjoying my body, excited about creating a healthy life.

I became more and more interested in how this healing process worked, and started going to nutrition counseling. I found out so many things there that no one had ever taught me about living well, and decided to enroll at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to learn more.

In 2013, I became a holistic nutrition counselor, board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Now, I work with clients one-on-one to help them improve their health, and I volunteer to teach homeless and foster care youth the keys to sound nutrition and wellness.

I continue my education with courses on Chinese medicine, meditation workshops, yoga classes with master teachers, and copious reading on self-healing techniques from an array of traditions.

Selected certifications and studies:

  • Vipassana meditation as taught by Goenkaji (centers in the US and India)
  • Therapeutic Applications of Yoga 2016 (Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai, India)
  • Cousens School of Holistic Wellness Garden Apprenticeship Program 2015-2016 (Tree of Life Center, Patagonia, AZ)
  • Tom Monte Healer's Program 2013-2014 (New York, NY)
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2012-2013 (New York, NY)

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