My cooking philosophy

Cooking does not have to be scary—or time-consuming, perfectionistic, expensive, or difficult.

There are a lot of misconceptions about healthy food, but luckily there are many more fast, simple, inexpensive, delicious, and fun ways to prepare nutritious food at home.

For me, food was the gateway to a better life. Once I started changing my eating habits, everything else started to change, too.

I learned most of my cooking in the small New York City kitchen with little counter space, and only a handful of pots and utensils that I had room for. And as many New Yorkers I didn’t have much time for cooking. That’s how I was inspired to learn healthy modern cooking - a way to create healthy, easy, simple and tasty meals with less time.

One of my cooking principles is that I almost never follow a recipe as is. I read it once, get the needed inspiration and then prepare my own simpler, faster, and, often, healthier version with whatever ingredients I have at hand. Also, I don’t always state exact amounts in my recipes. It makes them practical and attainable but also as jumping off points for learning. I leave space for using your own creativity so you can experiment and feel in control of your mealtime destiny!!

For the past five years, I’ve been sharing with clients everything I’ve learned (and tasted) in my little kitchen. Below is the cream of that crop, for you to experiment with and enjoy. There are health tips, cooking how to’s, shopping tricks, and suggestions of new foods to try - all to inspire you to become an expert in healthy modern cooking!